I’m not dead! I swear! Plus, 2011 fieldwork opportunities!

Gentle readers! It’s been far too long without an update! It’s been non-stop work and the usual TV production madness here at the Ancient Aliens/Civilization One offices so opportunities for blogging have been few if any. Before I dive back into the research caverns, I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know about fieldwork opportunities this year! It’s approaching that magical time when various projects start up and applications for field seasons in exciting places open up to students and archaeology enthusiasts alike! So take a moment, browse, and if you feel the urge to get up close and personal with and wonderful world of archaeology, go for it!! I can’t recommend it highly enough 🙂 AIA Every year the Archaeological Institute of America posts a listing of field opportunities around the world through a wide variety of universities and organizations. I found my Tiermes/Spain dig through here! Shovelbums The go-to site for all forms of archaeological employment and opportunities! All kinds of fieldwork opportunities are posted here, from the local to the global. They also have a nifty interactive map. I found my field school here! Earthwatch

Honestly, I can’t recommend Earthwatch enough. My very first ‘proper’ dig was through them and I had a blast. I did the Roman Fort on Tyne project in 2006. I also learned that the North Sea is indeed very, very cold. Pick a continent on their map to see what projects are available! Maya Research Program
I received a lovely email with info about this program the other day. If you like Mayan things, check them out! The project is open to students and volunteers alike, and they have scholarships too. Their field season runs May-July in Belize. (Don’t forget the bug spray!)

If I find any more fieldwork opportunities I’ll make a post about them so everyone can get involved. Until then, it’s back to the research cavern for me. Get your TVs, DVRs and popcorn ready, because come July there’s going to be a whole mess of History Channel goodies to watch!

If you’re in desperate need of some exciting history, I would also highly (HIGHLY) recommend reading this book:

…and prepare yourself for the unbridled awesomeness that will be this show.