New Episode of Ancient Aliens tonight!!

Hold on to your DVRs! There’s a new episode of ‘Ancient Aliens’ on tonight! Show the 209 team some love and give it a watch (and learn about all the ways aliens can wreck your weekend.)

Only 1 more episode after this!

‘Alien Devastations’

9pm/The History Channel


Ancient Aliens episode 208! Tonight!

Well folks, the 2nd season of Ancient Aliens is wrapping up. Tonight the 2nd of my 2 episodes airs, so I hope you’ll give it a watch and enjoy some craziness as we explore the world of large stones put in odd places.

‘Unexplained Structures’

10pm PST / The History Channel

New episode of Ancient Aliens tonight! Woo!

It’s Thursday! You know what that means…it’s time for a new episode of ‘Ancient Aliens’! Up tonight is the very exciting ‘Alien Tech’ episode. So set the DVR and get the popcorn ready and prepare to be taken to a world where logic and reason rarely apply yet everything looks absolutely stunning in HD 😛

10pm / The History Channel