Archaeology of The Oscars!

Happy Oscar Monday, gentle readers! In honor of the fact that I had to work last night (yes, really) I present to you a bit of knowledge about the biggest night in film!

I’m sure most of you are aware of the general history of the Academy Awards or various aspects of it so I’ll spare you the re-cap and get right to the awesome part, which concerns the coveted golden statue. Perhaps you notice a similarity or two between the Oscar statuette and a certain Egyptian deity named Ptah? Behold!

There’s more than a few, wouldn’t you say? This is more than a coincidence. While the statue is supposed to be an Art Deco interpretation of a knight holding a Crusader’s sword (why are we crusading at The Oscars?) on top of a film reel, I find the similarities to be a bit more intriguing.

So who is this Ptah, you may ask? In a nutshell, Ptah is more or less the personification of the primordial mound in the Egyptian Ennead (nine) cosmogony. Ptah is associated with the djed pillar of hieroglyph fame and depending on who you talk to he was the one who called the world/universe into being. He has some fertility associations as he was believe to manifest himself as the Apis bull and was worshiped extensively in Memphis. They really liked him there. Because of his association with the creation of the world/universe, he became known as the god of craftsmen and artisans. This was originally applied to stone-based crafts but eventually branched out to other areas of artisan crafts and professions, including music and art. So much so that craftsmen believed that Ptah held sway over their destinies, especially those who were employed as tomb builders and decorators. Nowadays, Ptah is interpreted as a patron deity of artists and can be seen presiding over the most important event in the acting profession!

When not being part of the annual Ttelecast, Ptah enjoys spending time with his consort, Sekhmet, and making sure the sun gets reincarnated every night when it goes below the horizon into the underworld where we can’t see it.


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